“As a fitness class junkie strapped for cash, I'm constantly on the lookout for a simple, no-gimmicks, super-effective DVD workout. Luckily, I've found the perfect program: Susan Hyatt's Rockstar Workout DVD. It will sculpt your entire body and promises to help you burn 800 calories in the process...

That's right! When you finish both 25-minute fat-blasting routines, you could burn up to 800 calories and be on the road to shedding serious pounds. Hyatt herself lost 20 lbs doing the program!

Rockstar Workout provides such great results because it combines the most effective moves from strength training, ballet, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, and old school aerobics to whip your body into amazing shape. The best part: you can do it all in your living room! You just need a mat, dumbbells and a jump rope. It's straightforward, fun, and practically guarantees a sexy, toned body.”
-SELF Magazine

”If you envy sizzling hot stars like Angelina Jolie and Beyonce Knowles , you'll love a new fitness DVD that can burn up to 800 calories an hour while transforming your body into star shape! Susan Hyatt's Rockstar Workout shows that variety isn't just the spice of life: variety also can take an ordinary exercise video and prove that fitness can be FUN
You'll do yoga, jump rope, use Kettle Bell for strength training perform ballet, learn Pilates, and even do some calisthenics. Need motivation? There's a calorie-counting bar that tracks how many calories you've burned! The perfect gift for someone who wants to be on American Idol but admits she needs to shape up first.”
-The Examiner

“International recording artist and NASM Certified Personal Trainer Susan Hyatt presents Susan Hyatt’s Rockstar Workout, a fitness DVD featuring two 25-minute high energy workouts (with warm ups and cool downs). Easy-to-follow moves draw from a wide variety of fitness activities, from basic strength training to Russian Kettle bell exercises, jump-roping, yoga, ballet-style body sculpting and more. Filmed like a music video and featuring lively, original songs from Susan’s bands, Susan Hyatt’s Rockstar Workout lives up to its title and makes working out fun. A welcome addition to fitness and exercise DVD collections. “
-Girls Get Strong

“I had never heard of Susan Hyatt, BUT, I was so surprised by this DVD. I really liked it! Susan is totally fun and she leads you through a no-fuss easy-to-follow but challenging bootcamp-style workout. The DVD has a great menu with fun options to learn more about Susan (she has an interesting back story of going from high-pressure dieter to balanced chick) and to customize your workout. Plus, throughout the workout, you get both Susan’s cues and these fun little bits of info and tips that pop-up on the screen, a la VHI Pop-Up Videos. And during the workout you get to jam out to Susan’s music, which is kinda girl-rock-poppy. I dug it. Those who like a no-frills but effective workout and girlie music!”
-Fit Bottomed Girls

“To Hyatt’s credit, the video not only includes beginner and advanced workouts but has a seven-minute tutorial that walks newbies through side lunges, back lunges and various combination moves. Such moves make the workouts far more interesting than all the gimmicks, maybe even rock star moves can’t compete with that. “
-Arkansas Democrat Gazzette

“My trainer for the last 2 years, Susan Hyatt, I was the guinea pig for many of these moves and sequences, I can personally attest to the fact it is a *killer* workout. The DVD has a cool shuffle feature so you mix up the workout every time you do it. Plus Susan is a recording artist who has played with the likes of Duran Duran and the Go-Gos so the DVD has cool, original music. Not only has my body changed but I feel so much healthier overall.”
-Paisley Petunia Blog


“I had never heard of Susan Hyatt but I ordered this DVD hoping for something more fun than traditional workout fare. Series like the Firm tend to be a bit drab. Even Jillian Michaels' DVDs are very repetitive and a bit boring albeit difficult. This dvd is divided into beginner and intermediate sections...each section is 20 minutes. I was disappointed because I wanted 2 intermediate chapters but this changed when I did the beginner section. Both are very challenging!
I applaud Susan for creating a DVD with variety and lots of creativity. There's jumping rope, funky pilates moves and lots of cardio bursts/dance-esque moves full of energy.
I hope more DVD instructors follow Susan's lead and create more interesting videos, more interesting scenery and have more variety! It keeps exercising fun and not as dread-inducing.”

“I love this DVD! Whether I have twenty minutes or forty-five, I always feel like it's worthwhile to take the time for a workout. Susan keeps you moving and the time actually passes quickly. I also like her personality. Not to cheesy or perky, just positive and encouraging.”
-Alyssa Brakey

“While I have never been one to enjoy traditional training techniques, I had the privilege of receiving personal training from Susan a while back and I can guarantee that her workout is great, fun and effective! I love the fact that she constantly changes it up, so I don't get bored and that she uses different types of cardio, stretching & toning exercises for almost instant results. Her non-traditional approach is refreshing and I highly recommend her DVD!!”
-Nathalie Saphier

“I am so impressed with this DVD! The unique concepts are fantastic and I can feel the fat burning off me every time I work out to this never boring DVD. Highly recommended! Love the music too!”
-Happy Mom

“As a devoted attendee of hardcore classes at my gym, I'm always a bit leery of workout videos and all the promises that are made, as they usually don't deliver. This DVD totally proved me wrong! Susan mixes things up in a way that flows effortlessly, yet is never boring or repetitive. The shuffle feature is a fun way to get a mixed up and totally different routine every time, and the ability to easily modify any of the moves to be made more or less challenging is also a huge plus. There is something for everyone: jump rope, yoga, pilates, ballet, kettle ball and even kickboxing (my personal fave). All of those are mixed together with a killer soundtrack that is sure to get your butt moving! I wear a heart rate monitor while working out to the video so I can keep my heart rate up and see the calories burning off! I have found that my calorie burning is almost identical to what I achieve during a kickbox class. Not a lot of space to space to work out in? Not to worry, as the moves are done in a way that don't require a huge amount of space. Best of all, you can complete the workout in 25 minutes. It usually takes me that long just to drive to the gym and find a place to park! “
-Kathy Vazquez