Susan received a BA in Fine Arts (Music) at UCLA, and trained with World-class Celebrity and American Idol Vocal Teacher Ron Anderson. Now she combines her music expertise with her experience as an NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer to bring you her revolutionary new Rock Star Workout.

Choose from three custom-tailored coaching programs:

  • The Rock Star Workout
    Fitness & Music Training Combination
    30 Minutes Fitness Workout/30 Minutes Music Training

  • Rock Star Fitness
    One Hour Workout
    Susan's Special Blend of High Calorie-Burning Customized Workout that includes: TRX Suspension Training, Jump-rope, Strength Training, Ballet, Free Weights, Kick Boxing, Pilates & Martial Arts.

  • Rock Star Coaching
    One Hour Minimum of Vocal/Music Instruction
    Your choice of Voice, Beginning Guitar, Bass or Piano, The Craft of Songwriting, Lyrics/Melody & Music Arrangements, or Demo Production. You can try any of the above choices and mix them up however you wish.

    » Diaphragm Breathing
    » Vocal Exercises
    » Vocal placement (learning to blend chest, falsetto, nose)
    » Ear Training/Sight Singing/Harmonies
    » Studio Singing and Live Singing
    » Microphone techniques
    » Recording Demos of Your Vocals
    » Developing Individual Singing Style

    » Learn how to play your favorite songs
    » Reading & Writing Music
    » Ear Training (Learning to Play by Ear)
    » Harmony & Music Theory
    » Recording Demos

    » Read Susan’s article “How to Write a TV Theme Song” in Music Connection.
    » Learn how to construct/arrange songs
    » Chord substitution
    » Mastering rhythm & melody
    » Reading & writing music
    » Techniques to Lyric writing
    » Developing Pop Songwriting Skills

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